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Dental Referrals
Shiraz takes referrals from more than 250 dentists mostly within the M25. Our relationship with these dentists is excellent and Shiraz works hard to keep them involved in every stage of a referred case.

If a patient has been referred, following treatment the referring dentist will receive a comprehensive letter from Shiraz providing a full account of the surgery undertaken, including the details of the implant placed and the current situation of the patient’s healing response.

The case can then be managed by Shiraz or referred back for final stage.

Shiraz wants to give his referrers the best possible clinical support and encourages them to feel comfortable and assured at tackling restorative dentistry that lies within each clinician’s capability.

Dentists who refer to Shiraz feel very secure as he involves the dentist in decision-making and maintains communication throughout treatment. Regular contact by email, letter and phone is enhanced by regular referral evenings, lectures and study clubs.

Shiraz is always interested in making new contacts and meeting new clinicians. If you are searching for high level expertise, advanced quality care and predictable results, we’d love to hear from you.

Referral Form Print Version

If you would prefer to send a referral via a printable PDF form then we have made this available to you as well as the online version below.

Sending a Referral Online

Prefer to send the referral online? Simply scroll down the page and complete the form - the details will be sent to us immediately.

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