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Trauma case – Single Tooth Implant
Original presentation 2011. Diagnosed with failing and fractured UR1. Removal followed by provisional, followed by final crown 4 years later.


Immediate Loading of Dental Implant

2008 failing UR1 followed by extraction and immediate loading. Note shape of provisional mimicking natural tooth. Replaced by
final restoration and current status 7 years later.

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Overdenture secured by implants

Initial presentation 08/2011 with failing implants upper jaw and poor upper denture. Lower jaw comprehensively compromised.
Final outcome with upper new denture and implant retained overdenture for lower jaw.

Advanced periodontal disease case

Advanced periodontal disease, requiring all upper teeth to be removed followed by complex implant care both upper and lower

advanced periodontal disease
advanced-perio-disease after

Advanced Periodontal Disease

Advanced periodontal disease, extensive tissue breakdown, completely rehabilitated upper arch with implants and periodontal
treatment for the lower arch

before picture of patient with perio disease
after picture of patient with perio disease

Periodontal Plastic surgery

Example of periodontal plastic surgery to augment tissue and correct deficiencies and provide harmonious appearance

before peri plastic surgery
after peri plastic surgery

Crown Lengthening

before gum lengthening
after gum lengthening

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