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Patient Care

We are a dedicated team who regard our patients as friends and we want to get to know you on a personal, as well as a professional basis. This relaxed approach puts our patients at ease and enables us to openly discuss the most appropriate treatment and deliver an individual care package. This ensures our patients have the best possible experience and leave the practice happy with the care they have received.

What to expect on your initial visit

For Shiraz a positive experience for the patient is essential. He has a gift for putting patients at complete ease through conversation. He likes to spend time with patients and never rushes an appointment, carefully uncovering problems by gently probing the patient about their concerns. One of his main aims is to discover whether a patient who has lost a tooth or teeth, is concerned aesthetically or functionally.

There is always plenty of opportunity to discuss the financial aspects of treatment and Shiraz always provides a full written treatment plan and an appropriate estimate.

The day of surgery

Our aim is for our patients to be completely at ease as they undergo treatment. Amidst the set-up of a fully sterile surgery, Shiraz’s relaxed demeanour and quiet, efficient competence creates a calm atmosphere, which helps to relax patients.

The patient is monitored throughout treatment from the first anaesthetic to the final administration of painkillers, with every aspect treatment being observed. Comprehensive notes are written for the referring dentist if required.

After your Surgery

There is never any rush and we will only discharged when you are ready and completely comfortable, pain free relaxed.

You will be issued with an emergency number just in case you need to talk to us at anytime.

Every member of Shiraz’s team is involved in your after care and will be briefed on your case to ensure they understand your individual A member of our team may call you within 24 hours following your surgery.

24 hour check?

Depending on your individual case we may see you within 24 hours, then again in 1 week and then at 6 weeks.

Creating your New Restoration

Our technician has one of the the highest standards in the country. Having a beautiful designed tooth is like having a fine piece of jewelry designed for you and it is essential that there is a good impression taken for our technician to create your tooth.

The communication between Shiraz, patient and technician is completely integrated. The technician will compare your accurate analogue and digital data together with the clinical and personal outcomes, colour and wishes; to ensure you are completely happy with the contour and shade.

Final Fit and Your New Smile

During final insertion, either a layer of the chosen cement is placed inside the crown or the crown is screwed into place for retrievability.

Shiraz will then take a final check of your bite prior to you leaving us with your new smile.

We ensure every effort has been made to provide you with a high standard superstructure that will last many years.

Vital Maintenance Program

Shiraz and will discuss the best possible maintenance programme for you as it is very important your new tooth and implant is kept free from calculus and any inflammation caused by bacteria. Shiraz and his team will ensure you oral hygiene is excellent and will show you the brushing techniques and how to floss, and maintain your new teeth.

A well-fitting and well-placed dental implant can be an excellent long-term restoration for many years if the area is kept clean and disease free.

It is vital dental recall visits are carried out, as crown margins will need to be carefully checked for signs of plaque build-up and inflammation.