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Catherine Henson

Implant treatment – a very special client for 20 years

After my regular dentist retired he recommended me to Shiraz. My teeth were a real mess due to poor dentistry as a child. I have always been so diligent about my teeth and over the years, have become quite an expert on dentists and Shiraz Gulamali is the best. He is unique, there is no one quite like him; he’s a very special guy. Not only is he lovely but he is also exceptionally clever and very skillful. I have never had a moment of pain in 20 years of being treated by him. He is one of nature’s finest gentlemen.

My Implant Story

Shiraz suggested an implant about 10 years ago to me as I had several teeth which needed removing and I was adamant I didn’t want false teeth as I couldn’t bear the thought of taking teeth in and out of my mouth.

My case was tricky as Shiraz had to regenerate bone and gum in order to create the space, and so I wasn’t a straightforward case.

The Surgery

I was scared at the beginning as the thought of the procedure was quite worrying – but I didn’t need to worry as Shiraz took his time and worked with a beautiful, delicate touch. Since the placement 10 years ago, every implant is still in place and I have not needed any repair or maintenance. I have gone on to have additional implants, which have not worried me in the slightest.

I cannot speak more highly of this man- he is superb at his trade, I recommend him.

Value for money?

Dental implants are not a cheap option but I think the alternative would be horrible so, to me, they are good value for money. Shiraz’s skill is worth every penny.

The maintenance of my implants is simple; I just need to visit the hygienist once or twice a year.

Please don’t go to anyone else but Shiraz – if any of his patients have a problem he will always fit them in; nothing is too much trouble. He puts his patients ahead of himself, giving only his best expertise.

Mrs. Keats

I have been under Dr. Gulamali’s care for over 20 years and I see him every 3-4 months.

I live in West London and had a local dentist who tried to extract a tooth. He referred me to a specialist who noticed I have very poor gums with 50% of my mouth affected. This is why I have the abscesses. My mother lost all her teeth in her late 40’s through gum disease and I was going the very same way.

I was then referred to Dr. Gulamali, a genius for periodontal surgery. Every part of my mouth needed urgent treatment. Shiraz saved my teeth and has cured my gum disease. The gentle and effective treatment took a couple of months. He is everything a patient could wish for; very kind and very wise.

Shiraz is absolutely charming and so friendly and he treats me as one of his family, I have known him for so long.

I am now in my late 70’s and I am the only one among my friends who have beautiful, straight, whitened teeth without gum disease, My friends always ask, “Mary, why are your teeth so straight and so white?” I have a lot to thank Shiraz for as he saved my teeth. I have a wonderful dentist.

Mr. Michael Stone

Dental implants and periodontal treatment: Outstanding and exceptional craftsmanship

I had terrible gum problems for a number of years and have had various bits and pieces carried out but nothing comprehensive. I was recommended to visit Shiraz, who went on to treat my periodontal condition in my lower jaw and inserted implants in my upper jaw.

I was unaware of the extent of the deterioration; my teeth were dropping out. At my initial consultation; Shiraz thoroughly explained in detail the extent of my problems with x-rays and an intra-oral camera and shared his recommendations and diagnosis. If Shiraz hadn’t taken me under his care I would have lost multiple teeth and would now be wearing a full set of false teeth.

My choice was either false teeth or dental implants. Shiraz explained the process of dental implants extensively to me; what was needed and how etc. and I decided to go ahead with same day teeth option.

The process

I was apprehensive as I am a coward by nature – I hate dentists because I had awful experience when I was young, so as you can imagine, I was petrified – I should not have worried at all. The surgery took just over 2 hours – he has very good manner about him and I felt totally confident in what he was doing. Shiraz was reassuring and absolutely fantastic and all within 24 hours. There was no pain and I was aware of no swelling.

The whole team was fantastic, caring and professional and looking out for me; this makes you feel relaxed.

The treatment was much better than I anticipated as I was expecting to be exhausted following surgery, but I felt fine.

He is a very nice man with a very good bedside manner who is totally confident in what he is doing. He is very reassuring with an air of understanding and professionalism.

I wish I had had implants sooner – it’s been a revelation.

A master craftsman at his work

I come from a scientific back ground and I recognize that what Shiraz does requires absolute precision and so it is very reassuring to see a perfectionist at work. He is doing the very best with precision and attention to detail. He strives to achieve better than perfection for every patient.

Go and see Shiraz sooner rather than later; before it all falls apart!