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Plasma Rich in Growth Factors PRGF®-Endoret®

Our blood contains plasma and millions of platelets which have the ability to regenerate tissue. Proteins that exist inside platelets and plasma are responsible for regenerating and repairing tissue, meaning that its use reduces pain and accelerates the healing process by reducing inflammation. In addition the risk of infection is reduced and swelling or bruising is minimised.

This pioneering technology, which has been developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute, is supported by over 100 reviews in scientific journals and has CE and FDA Certification.
PRGF®- Endoret® technology involves isolating a small amount of the patient’s blood. This blood is centrifuged and processed to obtain the proteins essential for regeneration. These proteins are applied to the area where tissue regeneration is necessary. The use of the patients’ own plasma in this procedure is 100% biocompatible and results in the natural repair of damaged tissues.

Accelerated implant healing

To accelerate healing after implant treatment we use a PRGF® technique.

Shiraz’s highly trained nurse gently takes a small amount of blood from the patient. Approximately 36cc is required for small cases, although larger cases, such as sinus grafting will require slightly more. The blood is placed into a centrifuge system, which is very quiet and takes approximately 9 minutes to separate the blood into white cells, red cells and plasma 500.

The plasma is placed into a plasmaterm machine, enabling a controlled activation process to take place, which turns the plasma into a jelly-like substance, which can be adapted and modified to fit the required surgical area.

The implant is irrigated with the remaining PRFG® solution, which gives the implant immediate adhesion to the bone surface within the prepared implant site. From start to finished the procedure takes little time, delivering either plasma or vitamins directly.

100% biocompatible
Simple, fast and versatile
Great clinical efficiency
European (CE) and American (FDA) approved